Alpha Talbott Utility District

Welcome to the Alpha-Talbott Utility District's online Customer Service Center for your utility account. Paying your monthly bill is easy! To make paying your bill as convenient as possible, the Alpha-Talbott Utility District offers a number of different payment options

Pay your bill by phone! IT’S FREE

Toll Free: 1-877-201-4561
Please have your account number ready.

Alpha-Talbott Utility District has installed an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). This
system provides audio menu prompts to the customer and will receive touch tone and/or
spoken responses from the caller. Through prompt/response interaction, the IVR system
collects the information necessary to process your payment securely. Customers may also
check the balance due on their account.

Pay your bill online!


The transactions are safe and secure. Payments are credited to your account instantly. You
may also check the status or your account, payment history and consumption history. You will
need to register first in order to pay online. Please note that in order to get same-day credit
for your payment, you must complete the online payment process and finalize your transaction
by 12 noon on weekdays. This internet site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. Please use the link on this website to register to make online payments.

Pay in person

You may pay in person at 1085 E. Hwy 11E Jefferson City, Tn. 37760 between the hours of
8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Friday.

Pay by Mail

Please mail full payment along with the payment stub to the address below: Please make
check or money order payable to Alpha-Talbott Utility District and indicate the account number
on the front of the check/money order.

Alpha-Talbott Utility District
P.O. Box 100
Talbott, Tn. 37877

Pay by night drop box

An after hour’s payment box is located next to the drive through window. We ask that you
please provide your payment stub along with your check or money order. Do not put cash in
the night drop!

Automatic Bank Draft

Customers can sign up for automatic bank draft. Please bring a voided check into the office to
sign up for automatic bank draft. This is a convenient and worry free way to pay your bill while
avoiding any postages, late charges, or disconnections.

Pay at local banks

Customers may pay their bill at local area banks as long as the bill is not past due. Your bill is
required when making payment. Participating banks include Hometrust, First Peoples, First Tennessee, and Regions


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